How does it Work?

The Personal Assessment

In the comfort of your home we conduct the initial assessment. The goal of this personal assessment is to learn about your taste preferences, specific food likes and dislikes as well as any allergy considerations or dietary restrictions you may have. The number of servings and frequency of service will be covered at this time. After a survey of your kitchen layout, we will outline the amount of freezer and refrigerator space needed and discuss your preferred method of heating to determine the storage containers to be utilized.

The Planning Stage

Armed with an understanding of your tastes, wants, and needs, Chef Bill will conduct the research necessary to prepare your customized menu. The menu will be presented for you to make your selections of entrées and side dishes. Upon receiving your selections, a cook date will be set.

The Cooking Date

On your cooking date, Chef Bill will shop for the freshest, highest quality ingredients required for your specific menu. He will arrive at your home in the morning as scheduled utilizing your culinary tools, pots, and pans etc.… I will prepare delectable meals in the safety of your kitchen.

At the End of the Day

Your kitchen will be left spotless. The only evidence of my visit will be the aroma of delicious homemade meals. Your meals will be packaged and labeled per the specifications discussed during the assessment (family-style or in any proportions you desire) and stored accordingly in the refrigerator and freezer, ready for you to heat and enjoy at your leisure, in the comfort of your own home.

Payment for Services

Payment is due when we set the cooking date. A deposit for the groceries will be taken and balanced out on the cooking date.

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