Each service is tailored to fit your individual and family needs. Please contact Bills Great Meals to discuss service and pricing level’s Each menu is designed for your individual dietary needs and tastes.

Fresh Service

A convenient weekly service that provides you entrees with appropriate side dishes. This is the closest thing to having a private chef. Openings based on availability.


Twice a month or monthly service provides three, four or five “freezer-friendly” entrees, each with an appropriate side dish. Precooked protein portions are typically 7 ounces per serving.

Special Diets

Depending on your specialized diet, the research involved and shopping requirements, an additional fee may be required. All organic and kosher is extra because additional shopping time is often involved. Please contact Bills Great Meals for more information.


Containers have a one-time cost and become the property of the client.

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American Personal & Private Chef Association
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