Let Healthy Long Island Broccoli Help You Build a Better Body

Oct 05

Broccoli may not be at the top of the list of your favorite foods, but it should be. From boosting immunity to strengthening your skeleton and joints cutting cancer risk, here are 10 ways this cruciferous veggie sends your health soar. Broccoli might not be the most popular vegetable around, but it’s certainly one of […]

Dinner Parties

May 12

Below is a Healthy Menu for a Dinner Party that my staff and I prepared and served recently! Fresh Vegetable Crudités’ Platter Baby carrot, cucumber, red and celery served with horseradish dipping sauce. Shrimptini Classic, Spiced shrimp hung on the rim of a Martini glass. Garnished with shredded lettuce and spicy cocktail sauce. Won ton […]

Healthy Meals

Jan 03

Below is a Healthy Menu I recently prepared on New Years Day! Apple and Rosemary Turkey Roulade Turkey London broil pounded thin and stuffed with apple-onion-garlic, tied and seared till golden. Cooled and sliced lightly glazed with natural apple cider – Dijon pan sauce. Served with Butternut Squash Mashers Primavera Game Hen Game Hen marinated […]

Purchasing The Right Turkey For Your Holiday Meal

Nov 16

Buying the right turkey for Thanksgiving dinner involves a lot more than a quick trip to the supermarket: you have to consider how many people you will be serving, how much time the bird will need to thaw, and even whether you have enough room to store the turkey. Here’s how to get this most […]

“High Protein – Low Carbohydrate” Menu

Feb 08

Below is a Healthy menu that I will be preparing this week. The meals are all geared towards a high protein – low carbohydrate diet. Swordfish a with Balsamic Glaze Rubbed with a blend of sea salt and lemon pepper. Drizzled with a balsamic glaze Served with Bulgur Wheat tossed with Vegetables (L=293, D= 485 […]

Experience the fun of cooking lessons

Apr 13

Discover the art of culinary perfection with a private cooking lesson in the comfort of your kitchen. Learn how to cook up a storm in the company of family friends and have lots of fun while doing it. Watch in awe as Bill McCabe ‘Executive Chef’ creates delicious dishes, talking you through every step before […]

The Berry Best

Mar 09

Strawberries are a true favorite of my clients, but they are also extremely delicate and must be handled with tender loving care prior to serving. I follow these handling guidelines to assure great tasting berries. 1) Don’t wash strawberries until just before they are served. Wash with a gently spray of cool water. Do not […]

Lose Weight Deliciously

Jul 22

Let Chef Bill help you with your weight loss goals! My specialty is customizing healthy and delicious meals for my clients. Some of the issues that I work with are weight loss, diabetes and high blood pressure. Below is list of some of the healthy meal’s I prepared this week for my clients. Chicken Stuffed […]

Diet Meals, Healthy Meals, Low Carb – High Protein Diet

Jun 23

No Time to Cook? Imagine healthy meals prepared for you in the privacy of your home by an Executive Chef. All you do is heat, eat and enjoy! Too Tired to Cook? Bills Great Meals, a personal chef service. Enjoy the luxury of healthy meals prepared especially for you in the privacy of your own […]

High Protein – Low Carb Diet 3.21

Mar 21

Below is the “High Protein – Low Carb” menu I prepared for one of my valued clients today. This weeks nutritional food that I high lighted below are spicy Chickpeas* which were soaked over night and prepared “the old fashion – healthy way” not canned. Pork Provencal Pork tenderloin dusted with seasoned whole wheat flour […]

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