Healthy Menu for Your Entire Family!

Feb 08

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas These healthy chicken enchiladas are packed with flavor and nutritious ingredients! The homemade enchilada sauce is the star of this healthy meal. Served with Mexican Roasted Vegetables are crazy delicious. This healthy side dish pairs perfectly with your favorite Tex-Mex and Mexican meals. Seafood & Chicken Paella Seasoned Chicken, Sea Scallops, Shrimp, […]

Hire a Personal Chef to Improve Your Health

Apr 29

Be safe—Be aware—Be informed At Bills Great Meals, the health, safety, and wellbeing of our community is our top priority. As we all continue to monitor the situation with coronavirus (COVID-19), we have taken numerous steps to be extra vigilant! Not only is hiring a personal chef a great way to save time and eat […]

Dinner Parties

May 12

Below is a Healthy Menu for a Dinner Party that my staff and I prepared and served recently! Fresh Vegetable Crudités’ Platter Baby carrot, cucumber, red and celery served with horseradish dipping sauce. Shrimptini Classic, Spiced shrimp hung on the rim of a Martini glass. Garnished with shredded lettuce and spicy cocktail sauce. Won ton […]

Healthy Meals

Jan 03

Below is a Healthy Menu I recently prepared on New Years Day! Apple and Rosemary Turkey Roulade Turkey London broil pounded thin and stuffed with apple-onion-garlic, tied and seared till golden. Cooled and sliced lightly glazed with natural apple cider – Dijon pan sauce. Served with Butternut Squash Mashers Primavera Game Hen Game Hen marinated […]

Healthy Chef Service Long Island N.Y.

Oct 23

Below is a Healthy Menu I will be preparing this week. Let Chef Bill help you with your weight loss goals! Turkey – Veggie – Meatballs “A fresh take on an Italian classic, turkey meatballs with Quinoa pasta and spaghetti squash make this meal more than satisfying!” Turkey, egg, basil, oregano, thyme, whole wheat bread […]

Weight Loss Goals

Jul 27

Dropping LBs: Chef’s weighty realization Let Chef Bill help you achieve your weight loss goals! Who: Bill McCabe, 51, Hauppauge Occupation: Personal chef Height: 5’10” Weight before: 255 (August 2009) Current weight: 185 HIS STORY: The rude awakening came in August 2009, when Bill McCabe’s wife, Janet, came home with a new scale. Stepping on […]

Healthy Changes

Apr 10

If you’ve noticed the sun rising earlier and setting later, that’s nature’s way of giving us a little prod saying “Hold on, spring is on the way! “. Let’s try and make some changes in our diet and health that will pay big dividends in the coming months. There are many changes that are small, […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Dec 28

As we approach the end of December and head towards our annual New Year’s resolutions, let’s plan on doing it smart this year. January 1st is a bad time to start a diet. The weather is coldest now and our attempts to limit calories usually fall short as our bodies crave carbs and protein to […]

Healthy Fall Snacking

Oct 18

As fall quietly creeps up on us and summer fades, our eating habits change but it’s not always for the better. The arrival of colder temperatures stirs our bodies to crave more carbs, just like bears and many other animals that are known to over eat and put on pounds to get them through the […]

Long Island Cauliflower

Oct 03

Fall is a good time of the year to purchase and enjoy Cauliflower! Good-quality cauliflower will have white or slightly off-white heads that are firm with no space between the curds. The leaves should be fresh and green. There is no quality difference between large and small heads. Avoid cauliflower that is soft or wilting, […]

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