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Oct 23

Below is a Healthy Menu I will be preparing this week. Let Chef Bill help you with your weight loss goals! Turkey – Veggie – Meatballs “A fresh take on an Italian classic, turkey meatballs with Quinoa pasta and spaghetti squash make this meal more than satisfying!” Turkey, egg, basil, oregano, thyme, whole wheat bread […]

Weight Loss Goals

Jul 27

Dropping LBs: Chef’s weighty realization Let Chef Bill help you achieve your weight loss goals! Who: Bill McCabe, 51, Hauppauge Occupation: Personal chef Height: 5’10” Weight before: 255 (August 2009) Current weight: 185 HIS STORY: The rude awakening came in August 2009, when Bill McCabe’s wife, Janet, came home with a new scale. Stepping on […]

Healthy Changes

Apr 10

If you’ve noticed the sun rising earlier and setting later, that’s nature’s way of giving us a little prod saying “Hold on, spring is on the way! “. Let’s try and make some changes in our diet and health that will pay big dividends in the coming months. There are many changes that are small, […]

Eating Healthy

Mar 23

Enjoy the convenience of Healthy Meals prepared especially for your family in the privacy of your home kitchen. I can provide you with delicious, healthy and nutritious meals. Let Chef Bill help you with your weight loss goals today. Below is a sample Menu: Grilled Mediterranean Salmon Seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, lemon, oregano, […]

Refreshing Minted Honeydew Soup

May 27

This would make a wonderful first course for a summer dinner under the stars–or a refreshingly light snack. A luscious tribute to the sweet melons ripening now, the recipe calls for only four ingredients: melon, mint, lime juice, and honey. You don‘t have to cook it at all–just whiz it in a blender or food […]

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