Experience the fun of cooking lessons

Apr 13

Discover the art of culinary perfection with a private cooking lesson in the comfort of your kitchen. Learn how to cook up a storm in the company of family friends and have lots of fun while doing it. Watch in awe as Bill McCabe ‘Executive Chef’ creates delicious dishes, talking you through every step before […]

The Berry Best

Mar 09

Strawberries are a true favorite of my clients, but they are also extremely delicate and must be handled with tender loving care prior to serving. I follow these handling guidelines to assure great tasting berries. 1) Don’t wash strawberries until just before they are served. Wash with a gently spray of cool water. Do not […]

Chicken Soup for Children

Jan 12

Below is a a chicken soup recipe that I make for my 12 year old daughter. Like most parents it is a challenge to prepare meals that my daughter likes and does not complain about. As an added bonus my wife enjoy’s the soup also! Ingredients 2 each, 1 quart boxes organic chicken stock (Imagine […]

Maple Roasted Butternut Squash

Oct 05

Butternut Squash Below is one of my favorite Butternut Squash recipes to prepare, give it a try and enjoy. Happy Eating – Chef Bill! Termed Winter Squash because they keep for three months in cool, dry storage (between 45 to 50°F), in other words, all winter, now is the perfect time to enjoy Butternut Squash. […]

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